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Ben Abbott 

Ben Abbott At Ben Abbott law firm, we have a potentially sound and well-trained team of lawyers who can help you settle all your claims and get the best benefits from the third party, as well. Right from presenting a tough defense to proving all the faults and negligence, we are experienced at getting the compensation one deserves caused due to the accident.

Our truck accident lawyers have a great hold of each case with considerately performed in-depth investigations, considerable knowledge of the key regulations, and a well-guided mind setup performed in the right direction under the legal process.

Ben Abbott law firm

Why are we suggesting using Ben Abbott law firm services? Actually, there are many reasons behind selecting the best law firm for personal injury cases, car accident cases, truck accident cases, slip and fall accidents.

To get any service, you need to read everything about Do you need a truck accident lawyer? How a truck accident lawyer can help you?. We also checked all points after then we are suggesting you.

Ben Abbott law firm

Your lawyer is always by your side for your help and guidance. What else do you what! Thus, it is very important to keep a professional truck accident lawyer by your side by managing your entire legal process, answering questions, forming strong claims, presenting your case with enough evidence from their in-depth research.

Thus, it is very important to have fair knowledge over the same if there is a need to sue the truck company or the employed driver before representing yourself. Similarly, as a trucking company as well, you need to have fair legal help by your side. Same like Mike Hostilo Law firm for Car Wreck layer the Ben Abbott law firm is one such name you can always count on for all kinds of truck accidents based legal proceedings. 

Reasons To Hire a Car, Bike Truck Accident Lawyer

Are you often haunted with the question as to why you would need a car accident lawyer if you have met a crash?

If yes! This one is definitely for you!

Trucks play a major role in our transportation and commutation. Huge loads are carried from one place to the other every single minute. All this is only possible with these heavy load trucks that source exactly everything we need in our day-to-day lives. However, wherever transportation and traffic are involved, there are fair chances of accidents, too. 

Trucks and trucking companies have a lot of challenges to face in their daily commutation routines. You will be surprised to know that an 18-wheeler truck is around 20 times heavier than a car. So, in the case of a truck accident, the probability of getting seriously injured increases multi-fold times.

What are the inclusions under truck accidents?

  • Truck accidents cover all kinds of commercial trucks, ranging from an 18-wheeler truck to a tractor-trailer, a delivery truck, a garbage truck, or any other large commercial vehicle. 
  • However, generally, car accidents tend to be minor and don’t need lawyer intervention, but truck accidents are totally opposite and cause major losses to the victims. This definitely needs lawyers to intervene. 
  • The legal intervention also became mandatory because a lot of suffered damages, workplace absenteeism, debts management, and not to forget the medical treatments post-accident emerge in just a single go. 
  • Truck accidents don’t just involve the truck driver but the trucking company as well. Such a case is generally challenging. Especially when an insurance settlement isn’t enough to cover all the damages, a bikeaccident lawyer is of great help.

Why are professional truck or car accident lawyers needed?

Professional help always holds an upper hand in comparison to any regular help. However, in the case of truck accidents, things are way worse than expected.

Right from the damages caused to the compensation needs, everything is extreme. Thus, professional legal help is a must in this case. 

Few other significant reasons to quote For accident Lawyer 

You can also read some useful reasons to select any Law firm for a car wreck, lawyers that represent truck drivers, best 18-wheeler accident lawyer, California truck accident lawyer, truck accident attorney Los Angeles, or anything else. We just shared some useful quotes about hiring the best layer in the USA or anywhere in the world.

1. Insurance companies did not offer enough compensation.

Every insurance company has its own legal binding and process following, after which the party is compensated as per the company’s findings. They proceed by gathering information from either of the drivers, police reports, and any other related evidence.

After this, findings on who is at fault and what amount should be compensated are processed. But, this could simply be inappropriate at times. Once the insurance acceptance letter is signed, filing a lawsuit isn’t possible, too. Thus, it is very important to consult a professional truck, car, motercycle accident lawyer prior to signing any document and get the best compensation.

2. Peaceful coverage of all the losses

Truck accidents often result in major damages that involve high risks and costs, too. Multiple insurance companies call up frequently to get enough details, which turns out to be stressful for the sufferer.

Financial losses along with bodily injuries already take a toll on the bearer, and any other additional stress is never entertained. Choosing a professional lawyer to represent your case is a savior in this case. He/she can manage your queries while you can relax in peace. 

3. Represent your story in a comprehensive manner

Every bearer has the right to get complete compensation from the other party if the accident is caused by their negligence. It is very crucial to present every aspect of your story. Right from the driver’s duty of care to creating unsafe road conditions, non-trained drivers by the company itself, inappropriate background checks conduction, or even over-time hiring of the drivers, there could be a league of causes to your accident. Thus, revealing the complete history of such unsafe driving is very important. This is only a professional lawyer’s cup of tea. 

On the other side, it could be the trucking company or truck manufacturer’s mistake too. What if the truck malfunctioned due to a manufacturing defect? This is a case of product liability. All this can only be well represented by your lawyer.

4. Recover your non-economic damages, too

Insurance companies might compensate your settlement well enough to pay all the medical bills. In addition, you can even get a good compensation from the trucking company, too. This can be enough to keep you sound and sustained, even after permanent damages that refrain you from working. These are all the coverage to your economic damages. 

But what about the non-economic damages connected with your pain and suffering? Emotional distress, mental trauma, loss of a companion, or a close one isn’t covered in this. Your lawyer can offer help in such cases, too, by asking the injuries to compensate well even for the non-economic damages. 

How can your slip and fall, personal injury Car, Bike, Truck accident lawyer help?

The prime part in a truck accident lawsuit, or related personal injury lawsuit, is about proving the other party’s negligence and faulty behavior that has led to the same. 

1. Comprehensive case representation

Truck accident cases need to be proven under four elements:

  • Driver’s duty of care
  • Driver’s breach of the duty of care
  • Damages caused due to the breach
  • Damages suffered or the actual loss 

2.Truck accidents often occur due to the following reasons:

  • Truck driver’s faults like- over-speeding, distracted driving, bad decision making, fatigue, driving in an impaired mode, etc. 
  • Failure to follow the traffic rules or regulations can also be a reason.
  • We are working too long, improper loading of the truck, and many more. 
  • Driving a truck with defective parts can also cause an accident.

Multiple parties like- truck drivers, the trucking company, and even the truck manufacturer can be detained for a truck accident. Your slip and fall, personal injury Car, Bike, Truck accident lawyer is of great help in considering these points and representing your case for the best coverage of your losses. 

3. Performing in-depth investigation

Slip and fall, personal injury Car, Bike, Truck accident lawyers very well know their jobs and have the right information on the case aspects.

This is why they perform an apt, in-depth investigation connecting all the physical evidence like- vehicle damages, leftover parts on-road, accident marks, visibility conditions, etc. They also work in close connection with the vehicle inspector, which helps get every minute information about the case. 

In addition, they even conduct interviews and depositions with the truck company and the driver. Perform research over the driving aspects, truck’s weight records, the driver’s employment documents, and much more.

4. Know the key regulations

Rules and regulations governing commercial motor vehicles, truck drivers, and trucking companies are additional. Safety regulations are created to reduce accidents and their related damages. Thus, it is very crucial to know every minute detail of the same.

  • Lawyers are well-acquainted with these regulations and can be of great help in proving the other party’s faults and non-following procedure. 
  • There are several rules that need to be followed by the truck companies, too. This covers rules against hiring the drivers- contract and on-role drivers, limited daily and weekly hours of drive, and prescribed hours off in between the next drive. Lawyers are well-versed with these.
  • Truck drivers have refrained against a particular blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .04% or higher. Drivers of commercial vehicles aren’t allowed to drive around four hours after consuming alcohol. Certain prescription medications are different for truck drivers, as well.
  • In case of accidents, all these tests can be randomly conducted for validation. This can only take place if you have an experienced lawyer by your side. 
  • Maintenance and repairs as also regulated by state and federal safety rules. Driver inspections, vehicle or fleet inspection with annually maintained maintenance, servicing records are also a must. Weight limits are another prime factor of consideration. Your lawyer can very well guide you with that.

5. Continued guidance through the legal process

Until unless your contribution to an accident isn’t 50%, you can always file a lawsuit for your damages. It may be possible that the liable trucking company’s insurance adjuster might offer a lower amount to your compensation.

If you hire a slip and fall, personal injury Car, truck, Bike accident lawyer, they can be of the best help in representing and getting the best benefits in your favor. 

What to do in an accident?

Hopefully, you’ve never been in a car accident, but if you’re not so fortunate, you know that the aftermath of a crash can be quite a burden.

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye when you least expect, so you should always be ready just in case the time comes. Do you have a camera to take pictures of the scene, road flares to warn other drivers, or even blankets in case you’re stranded in freezing temperatures?

Do you know who to call and what information you need from the other driver? There is a lot to think about, and we will provide you with a guide to assist you under the circumstances.

Beyond the initial shock of the accident, you will have to think about the insurance claims process. Do you know that you should never admit any wrongdoing and leave it to the police and insurance companies to decide who was at fault? Also, find out if an accident will affect your monthly premiums and how you will be compensated for your vehicle repairs.

DWI Laws

In one way or another, most people know someone who has been affected by DWI, or driving while intoxicated. It is a very serious personal and legal matter that can be both costly, in terms of attorney fees, and take a toll on everyone, especially if there were innocent victims involved.

If you feel that you are a victim harmed in a DWI accident and deserve to be compensated, we will provide you with the information you need regarding filing a lawsuit and costs associated with obtaining legal representation. On the other hand, if you are facing DWI charges, you will have access to facts about the benefits of a lawyer and how you can beat your case.

Most importantly, we would like to educate the public on the dangers of alcohol abuse and the destruction it causes in people’s lives and those surrounding them. We will also present readers with a guide to treatment and the road to recovering from this disease called alcoholism.

Defensive/Safe Driving

How many times have you been driving and seen a person talking on the cell phone oblivious to what’s going on around them? Even worse, have you ever done a double take because someone goes by reading the newspaper on the expressway?

It’s examples like these that frighten drivers and give them reason to want to protect themselves from the carelessness of others.

Here, we preach topic s such as driver awareness and correct signal usage. We also encourage drivers to cut down on multitasking and provide them with the details they need to prepare for a roadside emergency.

Defensive driving is essentially common sense, but it appears that many drivers are too preoccupied or simply choose to ignore some of the most basic principles of driver etiquette.

A lot of this information may seem redundant and rather elementary. However, in the end it’s better to be safe, and abide by these rules, than sorry.

Driving Conditions

It doesn’t really matter what you learned in driver’s education or that defensive driving class you had to take to lower your insurance rate.

Being able to react to any driving condition comes from real-world experience behind the wheel. However, having what you were taught in the classroom in the back of your mind can be valuable when confronted with a new driving situation.

What if you get caught in the middle of a snowstorm, and you’re sliding as you rapidly approach a stop sign? Quick, you need to remember whether you’re supposed to slam on the brakes or pump them. In a split second, you may come to a halt or continue sliding into a dangerous intersection depending on the decision you make.

From dealing with freezing rain to understanding when to pass someone on a single-lane highway, driving can be an intimidating task.

Here, we will present you with various driving dilemmas and guide you through conquering them step by step. We hope you can use this information as a tool and apply the knowledge as you encounter new obstacles on the roadway.

Repair and Maintenance

We always hear the line “buying a car is the worst investment you can make,” but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Without becoming a certified mechanic, you can still educate yourself on the ins and outs of car maintenance and repairs.

Did you know that understanding how to check your vehicle’s fluid levels could be the difference between a normal functioning car and a transmission replacement costing upwards of $1,000? It’s true. But, you don’t have to be a handyman to know how to prevent these kinds of catastrophes from happening.

Discover all the vital parts of your car or truck that need constant monitoring in between scheduled maintenance intervals at the car dealership or local garage.

Having the knowledge to perform routine checks or simple tasks like adding motor oil when it is low can really extend the life of your vehicle.

It will also give you the confidence you need to recognize when you have the ability to repair something yourself and when it is a job for a professional.